Stationary Power Solutions

Complete systems from a single source

LIAG’s stationary power solutions are specially designed for the applications of our customers, taking all the essential criteria into account.

Special Gas Solutions

  • Crude gas
  • CNG
  • Syngas
  • Biogas
  • Petroleum gas
  • CHP & CCHP

Special Fuel Solutions

  • Containerised heavy fuel oil power plants
  • Containerised crude oil power plants

Oil & Gas Solutions

  • Containerised camp power solutions  
  • Pumps and compression
  • Drilling capacity
  • Power supply solutions for explosive atmospheres

Our formula for success is built on in-house manufacturing, based on 3D CAD construction for the complete system from a single source.

We offer you over 70 years of global experience in the planning, production, installation, commissioning and servicing of modular stationary solutions.


For more information about our stationary products, please contact our sales department.

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