In 1992 Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH started the production of marine power generators for the global market. Now approx. 8,000 generating sets sold are in operation on ships on all seven seas. These range from tugs to general cargo carriers, container ships, tankers, yachts and cruise ships, as well as barges and special applications.

Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH cooperates with leading well-known engine and generator manufacturers and is known for its high German quality and independent engineering.

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Project Capacity Type
Power Generation 2 x 420 kW + 2 x 320 kW Sailing Yacht
Generating Set 575 kW Cruise Vessel
Emergency Generating Sets for Generic Floating LNG 1,250 kW + 750 kW Offshore
Emergency Generating Set for Floating Production Storage 2,100 kW Offshore
Emergency Generating Set 2 x 2,100 kW Cruise Ship
Generating Sets 4 x 1,840 kW Offshore Platform
Harbour Generating Set for a Barge 110 kW Offshore

Total Sets/Total Power

  Total Sets Total Power
Commercial Ships 5,646 Sets 1,692,554 kWe
Navy Ships 231 Sets 64,924 kWe
Cruise Ships 66 Sets 79,245 kWe
Passenger Ships 382 Sets 117,331 kWe
Offshore Vessels 267 Sets 118,802 kWe
Yachts 70 Sets 17,502 kWe
Total 6,662 Sets 2,090,358 kWe