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Foundation of Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH
in 1948 by Karl Lindenberg, engineer, in his time head designer of large water-cooled diesel engines at Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG, Cologne.

Successes and milestones in our corporate development


Restructuring of Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH for a global presence and coverage.


In 2018 Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH celebrated its 70th anniversary with a celebration at the SMM in Hamburg. The year was also marked by the all production halls and the beginning of the development of new products for the Energy Storage Systems, Defence Power and Waste-to-Energy segments.
Investment of more than 3.000.000 € into.


This year we built 10 generating sets with a total output of 6,000 kW for the Egyptian State Railway Company. In addition, 7 MW left our production facility in a container housing headed for Kawasaki.


Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH has won an EPC contract covering the construction, installation and subsequent operation of a thermal biomass gasification power station with a total electrical output of 5.5 MW.

The new procedural concept for biomass gasification, gas cleaning as well as apparatus construction and control technology originate from the engineering department of Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH.

The total volume of in-house production and delivery is 8 x CHP units of 800 kWe each and 14 x gasifier/gas cleaning units of 400 kW each. This scope also extends to biomass drying, the biomass promotion system and the electrical connection to the public grid.

Following commissioning, Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH will take over operational management for the investor project company for the next 10 years.


The first IMO TIER III type exhaust after-treatment system  wird durch die Klassifikationsgesellschaft LRS auf dem Prüfstand der Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH successfully approved and certified. Thus the Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH GenSets can deliver according to the latest requirements in environmental protection, for the maritime sector also with class certificate.


Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH builds 6,200 marine power generating sets with a total capacity of more than 1,850,000 kWe.


Noise Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH erhält von der DNV-GL die Zulassung gem. SOLAS für die Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH protection hoods for marine applications.


For a customer in Arabia, Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH builds noise protection hoods completely out of stainless steel for the first time. In order to do justice to the small installation space, the hoods each enclose 2 power generating sets. All panels of the hoods can be dismantled at a low opening angle to allow maintenance in the confined space. Special tools and devices make it possible to use the modular system developed by Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH also for stainless steel enclosures.


 Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH builds a power station with a total capacity of 10 MW in Arabia. The fuel used is HFO. Following the successful commissioning, Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH operates the power station for 12 months and trains the customer's staff during this time so that the customer can operate and maintain the station independently after the final handover.


 Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH supplies its 50th power generating set for a cruise ship. To date it has supplied more than 80 power generating sets. With that Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH becomes one of the main suppliers to the cruise industry.


 Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH builds its 5,500th marine generating set.


 Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH supplies the world's first coal gasification power station of this size to Asia. The total capacity of all gasifier reactors is 9 MW.  Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH is responsible in this project for the power generating sets and the entire reactor construction including plant accessories. All system components are installed and put into operation under the overall control of Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH .


Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH obtains BV type approval for cylindrical, stackable LNG storage tanks.


 Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH finally buys the new company premises in Overath, after the location was extensively rebuilt and expanded in 2010 and 2011.


 Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH successfully completes the development of in-house manufactured machine enclosures. The market launch goes without a hitch and generates a positive response from our customers. The enclosures are self-supporting in themselves, with a payload of up to 70 tonnes. The system can be used in the entire industrial as well as in the maritime sector, e.g. on wind platforms.


 Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH successfully completes the development of type-approved spark arresters, exhaust silencers and combinations of spark arrester silencers. With that Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH offers a complete range of approved and classified silencers with or without spark arrestors.


 Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH schließt , together with a well-known engine manufacturer, successfully starts the development of a type-approved marine engine. For the first time in the company's history, it was possible to complete a type-approved marine engine developed in a partnership, followed by a successful market launch of the product.


 Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH signs the purchase contract for the new company premises in Overath.


Despite the global economic crisis, this year for the first time we delivered a total of 900 marine power generating sets all over the world.


Vegetable oil-driven block-type thermal power stations are included in the product range. Intensive and extensive engine-related investigations were necessary for this. This had to go hand in hand with a service structure adapted to customer requirements. Die Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH founds various subsidiaries in order to be able to operate their own vegetable oil-driven block-type thermal power stations at various heating customer sites. We at Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH lernen, was es bedeutet, 24 Std. rund um die Uhr einen reibungslosen Dauerbetrieb aufrechtzuerhalten, learn what it means to maintain smooth continuous operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while at the same time being responsible for fuel supply logistics.


ISO-9001:2000 certification for the first time


Standardisation of our marine power generator products according to the latest rules in production technology. The knowledge and experience gained in this way are constantly being further developed and can be found throughout our company today, guaranteeing the quality standards of our customers.


Construction of 6 power stations in Saudi Arabia with a total electrical output of 100 MW for operation with diesel, HFO and crude oil with a flash point of 0°C. 6 Kraftstationen in Saudi-Arabien mit insgesamt 100 MW elektrischer Leistung für den Betrieb mit Diesel, HFO und Crude Oil mit Flammpunkt 0 °C. Als Products from Klöckner-Humbold-Deutz AG – BV16M628 and BV16M640 – were used as drive motors. These were the world's first power stations of this size to be in continuous operation with highly flammable crude oil. Subsequent service support of the stations by plant experts specially trained by Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH. der Stationen durch von der Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH speziell 

Marine generating sets are included in the product range.


Marine generating sets are included in the product range.


Orders for the Bundeswehr for the construction of 2,500 power generating sets and orders for NAMSA for pipeline pump units.


The first construction of a 10 MWel. power station based on diesel & heavy oil Kraftstation auf Diesel- & for Essa Cement, Pakistan – with 3 x BV8M640 Deutz engines.


Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH experiences an economic upswing, leading to the construction of new offices and production facilities in Rösrath Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH erfährt einen wirtschaftlichen Aufschwung, so dass neue Büroräume und Produktionsstätten in Rösrath  to expand capacity.


Company foundation and start of production in Hoffnungsthal near Cologne.