Stationary generating sets have been an integral part of the product range since the company was founded in 1948 and are continuously further developed and optimised by our excellently trained engineers.

Lindenberg provides the optimum solution for every individual customer requirement. The best results are achieved through project-specific design and planning.



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Project Capacity Type
Power supply for data centre 2 x 650 kVA Diesel Emergency Generating Set 
40ft Generating Set housing on the rooftop of bank building 2 x 1,600 kVA  Generating Set 
Fully developed Generating Set with heat extraction 930 kW  Dual Fuel Gas Generating Set
Power house for mine 5 x 2,000 kW  Diesel Power Station 
Power house for agriculture 4 x 7,000 kW  Heavy Fuel Power Station 
For crude oil pipeline  800 kW  Diesel-driven Pump Drive 
Coal Gasification Power Station 9,000 kW  Coal Gasification Power Station 

Installed capacity per continent

weltkarte leistung

 Continent  Capacity
Africa 166 MW
America 12 MW
Asia 744 MW
Australia 3 MW
Europe 573 MW
Total: 1,497 MW