Emergency harbour generating sets

Combined emergency power and auxiliary diesel generating sets

Emergency harbour generating sets are a combination of two different types of generating set. They take over the function of the emergency power generator in every operating condition of a ship and also provide the function of an auxiliary diesel generating set during the port call.

In any operating condition of the ship, the generating set must be ready for operation at all times, must start immediately and automatically in the event of a main power failure and must provide power to all safety-related equipment.

In addition, the generating set must meet all the requirements of the emergency power supply. At the harbour, the generating set is used for the independent power supply of the ship.

Lindenberg emergency harbour generating sets consist of fast-running diesel engines from well-known manufacturers and high-quality generators with single- or double-bearing alternators. The design and construction of the generating sets meet all requirements with respect to operational safety and the operating conditions of the ship. All relevant assemblies are certified for use in the marine sector. In addition, the generating sets meet all requirements in accordance with the regulations of the relevant marine classification society. They check whether the design and layout of the generating sets ensures safe operation of the ship and issue the necessary certificates after successful approval procedures and functional testing of the generating sets.


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