Engine control (MEC 24)

Control and monitoring of diesel engines

MEC-24 engine control was specially developed to control and monitor diesel engines for marine use. The system integrates all necessary input and output channels with the necessary monitoring and control functions for emergency, harbour and auxiliary operation.

Main properties

  • Identical design for the operation of all generating sets on board
  • Bridge-panel connection as option, same design
  • Direct communication with many types of industrial control systems
  • Internal conversion of control commands for fast synchronisation

According to ship rules, alarm and safety functions are strictly separated from each other. All processors and input values are continuously monitored for function and limit values. All alarms are highlighted as plain text messages on the 5.7" high definition colour display on the front panel. The MEC24 thus ensures maximum availability with maximum ease of operation. The additional MEC24-A, which was designed for control and warning tasks, includes redundant engine monitoring functions and overspeed protection. This system can also be used in several languages.



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