Waste-to-energy system

Efficient and environmentally-friendly

In the future, Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH will increasingly focus on waste to energy in order to convert the 10 billion tonnes of annual waste into energy.

Thanks to our innovative solutions, you can convert your waste into energy. Our highly qualified engineers and application technicians will develop the ideal solution for your individual applications and conditions.

Lindenberg solution 

  • ISO container sizes
  • CHP or CCHP
  • Modular extensions / constructions
  • Plug and play construction
  • Gas processing
  • Fire alarm system
  • Customer-specific design
  • Low operating and maintenance costs


  • Reduction in the amount of waste going to landfills
  • Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions
  • Reduction in the use of fossil fuels
  • Conserving resources and sustainable in its approach
  • Contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases



For more information about our stationary products, please contact our sales department.

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Waste to energy